SMART Resources & Interactive Links

General Resources

SMART Notebook software

Download the Notebook software here. For registering your 30 day trial software. For further support go to SMART Technologies SMART Tech Support or call them at 1-866-518-6791.

SMART Exchange - Ontario Curriculum Based Lessons -

Lesson Plans for your SMART Board and connect with teachers. Search by provincial standards, grades and subjects for notebook files that meet overall and specific expectations. Check for lessons from other countries.

SMART Technologies Educator Resources - SMART Exchange

Discover the wide range of grade- and subject-specific software that is accredited for use on your SMART product.

Scholastics Canada SMART Resources

Back-to-School, Science, Math and other activities provided by Scholastic. Most link to SMART Exchange but there are also activities you can browse to by subject or grade.

The Teacher's Guide - SMARTBoard Templates and Resources

This site offers more than SMART Notebook files. You'll finde Guide-Free worksheets, printouts, lesson plans, SMART Notebook templates and Links to Interactive sites.

If you do not have a SMARTBoard, or SMARTNotebook on your computer, you may go to this site to open and use the SMARTBoard templates.
Internet Explorer sometimes renames the SMARTNotebook templates as a .zip file and you will not be able to open it. If this happens, rename the extention from .zip to .notebook. Or you can use Firefox to download it correctly.


Back to School Activities

SMART Notebook Back to School

Some great back to school and starter activities created by SMART Technology or other teachers. Download them for free.

Other Interactive White Board Programs

Promethean Planet for Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

Download Promethean lesson files and convert them into Notebook files by choosing File/Import and them click on the file type and make sure it shows .flp in the file extensions. It will default to notebook files but the drop down arrow will let you see the .flp file. Teachers around the world share interesting, interactive and creative lessons here.

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

Quite simply, this is a site that is easy to navigate and provides many links for SMART Board and interactive materials on the web. These are some resources for interactive whiteboards. Some are specific to a certain brand, but the ideas can still be used on most of them. Many of the other file types can be imported into SMART Notebook. See instructions above.